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American Learnership Solutions (ALS) is a business entity and sponsor
of the American Learnership Forum (ALF) not-for-profit at www.alforum.org 

University of the Mind™ (Pending)

An Exploration into an Integrated, Holistic and Mindful Way-of-Being

What Is This?

The “University of the Mind” terminology is offered as a foundational guide for developing and marketing a meta-level philosophy, architectural structure, reasoning process and social systems development methodology believed to be acceptable to leaders in academia, business and public service. The intent is to illustrate the potential knowledge value that may be obtained by emphasizing interdisciplinary reasoning and integral social development – as opposed to commonly used deliberation where issue analysis relies on restricted information content with little regard to context relevant situational information.

The term “University” (as metaphor) can apply to a physical or online entity with a broad set of interdependent subjects and curricula which together represent the functionality and operation of the human “Mind.” Concurrently, the intricacies of the term “Mind” (as metaphor) may be understood to be a representation of the purpose and functionality of the “University.” Essentially, the two terms can co-exist in a collaborative manner for better practical understanding of human reasoning and social systems progress. 

The intended use, herein, is to provide an overarching perspective for the American Learnership™ Forum list of services by the Center for Lifelong Learning and Professional Performance Branding at http://www.alforum.org.

Why Is This Important?

National and global forces are attempting to undercut or eliminate America’s past leadership efforts at building societal consensus home and abroad on what human development and survivability requires. Individuals, organizations and communities that are amenable to reasonable change are witnessing a virtual explosion in inauthentic communications and destructive behavior that are elevating human mindlessness and social chaos to a new and threatening art form. The citizenry is enveloped in an avalanche of conflicted socio-economic trends, contrived technological excesses, and permanent ecological abuses that only the powerful and wealthy among us could rationalize as being good for the national and global human prospect.

So what can anybody do about this situation in America? First, we can recognize the reality of the social, economic, ecological and political dysfunctionality that now exists. Second, we can consider how American citizens might be educationally empowered to learn, know, lead and act in their own interest and that of a cognitively and emotionally balanced culture. A significantly enhanced culture, one in which the majority of citizens come to value an integrated, holistic and mindful way of being, could be a major contributor to a welcoming future. 

The American Learnership vision for the future is one that (1) benefits from lifelong learning and renewal; (2) supports mindful rather than mindless thinking and behavior; (3) inspires people at all income levels toward self-fulfillment, high performance, the common good, and human enlightenment; and (4) shares this powerful philosophy and practical activities with other nations. 

How Are We Moving Forward?

The American Learnership Solutions and Forum team is developing and implementing a series of interdisciplinary research, training, coaching, consulting, and publishing initiatives based on the integral educational potential of our University of the Mind concept and trademark. Our goal is to supplement Americans’ life management capabilities and career performance competence so middle class life styles are more readily attained.

The ALS University of the Mind concept will be integrated with the ALF Master Class under the Center for Lifelong Learning and Professional Branding banner to create a multi-disciplined education bridge where college aged or skilled people can supplement their college and university learning – which by all reports is narrowly focused and limits comprehensive development. This newly conceived entity will function as a 7x24 hour online source of short, potent seminars designed to rapidly assist participants in staying current on important information, trends and cultural forces.

Knowledgeable leaders, experienced professionals and creative entrepreneurs in the departments and programs listed in the figure above are invited to participate in this innovative knowledge-sharing service. Contact: Dr. Rudy Garrity (703) 431-7666 or rgarrity@alforum.org