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American Learnership Solutions (ALS) is a business entity and sponsor
of the American Learnership Forum (ALF) not-for-profit at www.alforum.org 

Innovative Educational Programs & Consulting Services

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About American Learnership Solutions

Achieve your goals with the help of innovative educational programs and consulting services from American Learnership Solutions (ALS) in Leesburg, Virginia. ALS is owner and home base for the American Learnership Forum (ALF), a nonprofit founded by Dr. Rudy Garrity. These two organizations offer educational, coaching, consulting, and charitable services based in part on Dr. Garrity's experience, research, writings and curricula.

As a community services enterprise, ALS/ALF provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary social systems perspective on American life in which products and services — informed by American traditions and goals— are shared with among individuals, organizations, and communities seeking a quantum leap in relevant learning, knowledge, leadership and practical performance.

Our Goals

At The American Learnership ™ Forum, we hope to bring innovative and effective learning solutions to individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities of all types. Read below to find out more about our plans for the future.

-- Develop & Teach a Meta-System Approach for Social Systems Integration & Development
-- Educate & Empower Individuals in Their Pursuit of Systems Development for Self-Fulfillment
-- Educate & Empower Organizations in Their Pursuit of Systems Development for High Performance
-- Educate & Empower Communities in Their Pursuit of Systems Development for the Common Good
-- Design & Implement a Multi-Disciplined & Integrated Educational Program for Academic Study & Credit
-- Operate as a Benefactor to Other Innovative Educational Initiatives & Social Service Organizations
-- Research Contemporary Reasoning Skills to Serve as Catalysts for Rapid Learning, Knowing, and
Leading for Social Achievement.
-- Provide a Broad-Based (not partisan or sectarian) Independent Voice for Significant Enhancement of American
Goals, Priorities, & Culture in the 21st century.

Business Affiliates

Preiser Consultants

The American Learnership Forum, Inc.

Enterprise Excellence Management Group

Total Performance Scorecard International, Inc.

International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, Inc.

Authentic Personal Brand Coach Federation Leader, Washington DC Chapter 


Dr. Rudolph Garrity, President ALS/ALF

-- Certified Master Authentic Personal Branding Coach
-- Professional Life/Work Transitions Coach
-- Professional Enterprise Consultant/Project Manager
-- Director: "Mentor America Program" Outreach
-- Trademark Owner: "American Learnership"
-- Member, Worldwide Who's Who and Global Network


ALS/ALF Inc.  (703) 431-7666

673 Potomac Dr. NE # 602, Leesburg, VA 20176